Re-opened! Usual times.

Week: 8:00->14:00 // 16:00->midnight
Saturday: 17:00->midnight-ish
Sunday (only when there's concerts: 17:00->midnight


L'ecurie is a hyper-active venue,
a bar, a cafe in the morning..
There's no boss, and no wifi.


Until then, you can check past concerts in the "medias" section.
We'll also post some new ones and mixes from our archives right here.

And since we never miss an opportunity to rant:

We encourage you to make the best of the situation, and get rid of Google & co. 'cause we have some free time on our hands and a growing desire to communicate these days., for example, easily replaces whatsapp, skype, messenger etc. and doesn't use Google services. It's a good opportunity to stop supporting bad projects, and complain over the course of things after. And to avoid having your face sold to facial-recognition entrepreneurs. Yes it's already the future, and not the prettiest one. is open source, which means innovations are accessible to everybody. Intellectual property as it is slows everything down and enriches some for no good reason. Imagine 15 labs around the world keeping secrets on their discoveries for a treatment, to register their trademark on a molecule, and sell it as expensive as can be. And the same non-sense in all fields. We've done that very well.
It's an old subject that isn't very sexy, we know. It still pays.

You can have a look at our online room here:

Just open the link in a tab, choose a name, and try it out.
Or install it on  a mobile, laptop, whatever.

There might not be anybody there. Could be. But you can create your own rooms, video-chat with friends, share files... And finally leave whatsapp, skype, messenger behind, and quit volunteering for them. Which feels quite good.

We'll announce the re-opening here.
When we know some more...
Take care

Fri 7th February: Ferocious41 + Oddateee + Cyrus Dufoy + Gabba Boy

l'écurie - rue de Montbrillant 14 - genève